Crispy Apple Chips

Truly crisp. Purely fun.

Gluten free • Guilt Free

A Growing Family Tradition

The Martins' farming roots are deep; going all the way back to 1820 and
a promise to Mother Nature that
the fertile lands she placed in our hands would be tended forever with
care and passion.

For nearly two centuries, generations of Martins farmed their land and marveled at the miracles it could produce. But it was many decades before young Leighton Martin saw the apple of his eye and planted the first acre of the Martin's Orchard. With the sale of the first 4-1/2 bushels at the Waterloo Farmer's Market, his prediction of the sweet, tart and juicy apples that would make the Farm famous came true. The dream continues to grow; from 100 trees in 1971 to over 700 acres today. At Martin's Family Fruit Farm, our pride is in every apple that leaves our orchard.

Apples and more apples

When you've made something as good as it can be, there's little to add. Which makes the ingredients list for our crispy Apple Chips really short.

It was a big decision to turn the fruit of our labour into a snack. We knew that people who love apples wanted a real apple chip snack with a difference. Something healthy with nothing strange added. An apple chip as crisp as it claims to be. The kind of crisp you can hear. It was a tall order we filled by finding a way to dehydrate the finest apples from our own Martin's orchard. Now everyone can enjoy an apple chip that is truly crisp and all apple.

Pure makes perfect

We'd be the first to agree that there's not much anyone can do to improve on an apple. But we thought we'd take a run at finding a different way to enjoy one.

Martin's Apple Chips don't look much like apples. Instead, they're cleverly disguised as ... well … chips. Crunchy circles of apple without the water and with the skin left on. And with all the goodness apples are famous for. Low in calories, high in fibre and full of antioxidants. Cholesterol? None. Studies have shown apples to fight four different kinds of cancer, help manage diabetes and maintain dental health. Chip, chip Hooray!

From our Orchards to your Snack Bowl

An apple is a symbol of good health. At Martin's Family Fruit Farm, we want it to be just as nutritious in your snack bowl as fresh picked from our tree.

We're as proud of our kitchen and the people who run it as we are of our Orchard. So it's no surprise that we're very particular about the process we use to slice, dry and package our world-famous apples to become crispy apple chips with our name on them. We imagine what Mother Nature would do and carry on from where she leaves off. Martin's Apple Chips prove that, even when you go way back, you can come forward with something new.

Not just for snacking

Martin's Apple Chips are a treat on
their own, but even better as a crunchy complement to anything from a full
meal to a snappy snack or a delicious dessert. When the chips are down,
the party begins!

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Where to find us

Available in stores across Ontario
and soon across Canada!

You can now find us at Costco, Loblaws and Real Canadian Super Stores across Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.


The Harvest Garden
7482 Sideroad 17


The Little Gourmet
13 Hatton Drive

Carluke Orchards
2194 Shaver Road S.

Bennet's Apples & Cider
944 Garner Road E.


Hy-Hope Farm
5450 Lakeridge Road


Oakridge Acres Country Meat Store
Greenfield Road


Barrie Hill Farms
2937 Barrie Hill Road


Campbell's Country Farm Market
1633 County Road #3


The Apple Factory
10024 Mississauga Road


Goodness Me
605 West St.
310 Colborne St. W.


Goodness Me
2300 Fairview St.


Spirit Tree Estate Cidery
1137 Boston Mills Road


Fiddleheads Health and Nutrition
480 Hespler Road

Kiya’s Organix
800 Franklin Boulevard

Clancy's Meat Co.
#1 101 Holiday Inn Drive

Carrying Place

Cambell's Orchards
1633 Rednersville Road

Carrying Place

Cambell's Orchards
1633 Rednersville Road


Dags and Willow Cheese
60 Pine St.

Greenmarc Farms
4537 County Rd. 124


100 Mile Store
176 Mill St.


Floralane Produce
2191 Arthur St. North

The Robin's Nest
29 Church St. West

315 Arthur St. South

Kitchen Kuttings
2 Arthur St. South


Bella Roma Foods
570 Kortright Road W.

Mosborough Country Market
5284 Wellington Rd. 32


Goodness Me
1000 Uppper Gage Ave.


Kitchener Farmers Meat Market
1575 Victoria St. N.

Fiddleheads Health and Nutrition
25 Bruce St.

Fiddleheads Health and Nutrition
1 438 Highland Road

235 Ira Needles Blvd.

1187 Fischer-Hallman Road S.

Grainharvest Breadhouse
3-200 Lorraine Ave


Remark Fresh Markets
1190 Oxford St. W.

The Meatless Market
1350 Fanshaw Park Rd. W.


Springridge Farm
7256 Bell School Line

Pita Factory
50 Market Drive, Unit 3


307 Grand River St. N.


Hugli's Blueberry Ranch
2139 Greenwood Road


Shakespeare Pies
2264 Line 34 (Hwy 7/8)

St Catharines

Harvest Barn
1179 Fourth Ave.

St Jacobs

Kokken Village Café
1369 King St. N.

Home Hardware
1421 King St. N.

St. Agatha

Herrle's Country Farm Market
1243 Erb's Road West


Reesor Farm Kitchen
100 Ringwood Drive


Your Local Market Coop
129 Downie St.


Johnvince Foods
555 Steeprock Drive, Downsview

Stasis Local Foods
476 Roncesvalles Ave.

Vineland Station

Grand Oak Culinary
4600 Victoria Ave.


The Cider Keg
1398 Vittoria Road


Martin’s Orchard Market
1420 Lobsinger Line

Seven Shores Café
10 Regina St. N.

Distinctly Tea
187 King St. S.

Healthy Foods and More
75 Bridgeport Rd E., Unit 2

Veritas Cafe
King St. (Laurier Campus)

Grainharvest Breadhouse
3-105 Lexington Road

150 Caroline Street South

Aroma Cafe
33 Erb St. West
94 Bridgeport Road E.
450 Columbia St. W.


European Meats and Deli
13 Burtch St.


Your Farm Market
821 Wilton Crescent
Orchard Park Farms
596633 County Road #59

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