Crispy Apple Chips

Truly crisp. Purely fun.

Gluten free • Guilt Free

A Growing Family Tradition

The Martins' farming roots are deep; going all the way back to 1820 and a promise to Mother Nature that the fertile lands she placed in our hands would be tended forever with care and passion.

For nearly two centuries, generations of Martins farmed their land and marveled at the miracles it could produce. But it was many decades before young Leighton Martin saw the apple of his eye and planted the first acre of the Martin's Orchard. With the sale of the first 4-1/2 bushels at the Waterloo Farmer's Market, his prediction of the sweet, tart and juicy apples that would make the Farm famous came true. The dream continues to grow; from 100 trees in 1971 to over 700 acres today. At Martin's Family Fruit Farm, our pride is in every apple that leaves our orchard.

The chip doesn't fall far from the tree

Our chips are apple through and through. Made from fresh-picked apples with the water removed, and packed as crisp and pure original flavour, or with a hint of cinnamon or chocolaty indulgence in a snack-sized bag full of the goodness we're famous for.

Besides producing world-famous apples, we've always had a keen imagination. So it was only a matter of time before we came up with a new way to enjoy them. A pure and simple idea to offer apples disguised as chips. Crunchy circles without the water but with all the goodness and a choice of three flavours: Original, Cinnamon and Chocolaty Drizzle.

Watch our chips take shape

our Martin's Crispy Apple Chips featured on the popular Food NETWORK show Food Factory. Follow your favourite bunch from the orchard through the fascinating process that turns
apples into... apples.

Food Factory | SEASON 3  |  EPISODE 17

One good thing after another

Martins Crispy Apple Chips bring all the goodness of our orchard to you anytime and anywhere. Now you can have everything you want in a snack, and less.

We've often thought that the perfect chip should be not only crunchy and good tasting, but also as guilt free as the apples in our orchard. The next thing you know, we were slicing, dehydrating and packing them into snack packs of crispy apple chips in three of your favourite flavours. So you can enjoy a healthy snack thats all apple with just a dash of indulgence. One that tastes and sounds great!


The original Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips are made from apples and apples alone. Picked from the orchards and processed in our own plant to remove the water, we've created a taste you can’t get enough of and a crispness you can hear.


We figure that when you choose the pure goodness of our Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips, you earn the right to sin a little. And so we’ve added just a dash of cinnamon to give you a tasty new choice. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Chocolaty Drizzle

When we set out to create your favourite treat, we knew we’d be competing with chocolate. So we decided to dress our original Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips in a delicious drizzle of chocolaty indulgence. One good thing on top of another!

Where to Find Us

Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips are also available in Starbucks across Canada.

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