The snack is back.

The snack is back.

Somewhere along the way, snacks picked up a bad reputation. It may be because there are so many snacks that are bad for you out there.

It's not fair, especially when you consider that the idea behind the snack is such a good one. The original intent was to provide a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a busy or active day. Or fuel the conversation when a best friend or favourite relative dropped by to visit. A healthy snack before dinner or light snack before going to bed heads off hunger and discourages overloading at mealtime. Done properly, snacking can be a powerful part of a healthy lifestyle.

The problem started when snacks hit the road and became part of our more and more mobile lifestyle. When they had to be portable and last forever in a school locker or a car glove box. People began adding preservatives. And as long as they were adding things to keep their snacks fresh, they figured they might as well add artificial flavours and artificial colouring.

At Martin’s we watched the sad decline of the healthy snack and wondered: why can’t a snack be good and good to go at the same time? We decided to see what we could do to bring back the original snack and make between meals not only a tasty treat, but also a healthy energy booster.

We had to start somewhere, and we had an orchard full of the finest apples in the world. So we started there. We cored and cut our apples into thick slices. Then we dehydrated them using a special process known only to certain sworn-to-secrecy members of the Martins’ extended family. What did we add?

Time and patience and absolutely nothing else.

We ended up with truly crunchy apple chips. With freshness you can taste and crispness you can hear. Then, filled with a sense of adventure and armed with colourful packages full of our Martin's Apple Chips, we set out to see if people would like them.

The rest would be history if it hadn't happened such a short time ago. The simple truth is that people love our chips. Less is more, and the pure and simple snack is back.

It's time to re-think the snack and realize that a quick bite and a quick boost go hand-in-hand. That with some Martin's Apple Chips for dipping, the hummus in the fridge or the apple butter on the shelf, you can bridge the gap between meals in a satisfying and nutritionally sound way.

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